Custom Clamshells

Clearly a visual advantage, a thermoformed clamshell adds shape to the presentation of your product.  Bring us your most complex project and our highly-skilled engineers will customized a clamshell design to meet your specifications. Your product and its most precise details will show clearly inside while protecting your product from the environment and against theft on store shelves.

  • Clamshells nesting feature decreases your shipping and storage costs
  • Rapid prototype and production lead times
  • Prototype Lead Time is approximately 7 days
  • Production Order Lead Time is 8 weeks after approval of the prototype
  • Subsequent orders will be produced with a 3 week lead time
  • Prototype cost is $750 and will be rebated upon receipt of purchase order for the production tool
  • Production Tooling Costs typically range from $5,000 to $10,000

Material Thickness
Clamshells are available in material thicknesses ranging from .007 inches to .047 inches. 

PVC, PET and PETG are the most commonly used materials.  Other materials available upon request.

Combine with colorful header cards for complete packaging solution.