Open End Tubes

Clear plastic tube packaging is ideal for a wide variety of items including apparel, toys, cutting tools, posters, welding rods, cosmetics, bath salts, beads, and virtually anything else you can imagine.

All open end tubes are constructed with a rugged PETG material that maintains its shape while being flexible enough not to split or crack under typical use.  The plastic tubing provides an excellent barrier to moisture and can be made from FDA approved resins.  These features, along with our industry leading cap and plug options, offer a unique and economical package.

Round and square tubing in all styles and wall thickness options can be extruded to your desired length with low minimums, but we also stock over 80 sizes available for immediate shipment.


Round Thin Wall
Plastic Tubes

Round Medium Wall
Plastic Tubes

Round Heavy Wall
Plastic Tubes

Square Medium Wall Plastic Tubes
Square Heavy Wall Plastic Tubes