Lightweight Mailing & Shipping Tubes

Lightweight Mailing Tubes are the latest addition to VisiPak’s line of mailing and shipping solutions. Like all of our clear mailing products, these tubes benefit from the ability to deliver a message before being opened. The clear end caps also eliminate security concerns and increase “open rates” by allowing recipients to see inside.

Aside from this, the lightweight caps can also reduce postage costs. On average, lightweight mailing tubes will mail for less than comparably sized paper mailing tubes. The one-inch tall clear caps have been designed specifically for VisiPak tubes and do not require tape, staples, or other security methods to make it through the mail system. They are USPS approved, weather resistant, and simple to assemble.
  • USPS approved mailer
  • Increase response rates and lower unit per unit cost
  • Always stacked on top of mail pile so they are seen and opened first
  • Transparent plastic is ideal for color inserts
  • Weather resistant
  • The savings on postage often outweighs the cost of the tube itself
  • Stocked in 4 inch lengths, 1-1/2" diameter

plastic tube containers
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Mailing Tube Specifications

Lightweight Mail Tubes Caps
Nominal Size Inside Dimension Outside Dimension Wall Mail Tube Clear Cap
1-1/2" 1.656" 1.680" .012" X