Compartment Paks

A truly unique package design that allows you to separate a variety of products in one container. Standard configurations include Dual-Paks, Tri-Paks and Quad-Paks, but custom designs are welcome. Individual compartments can be extruded in a straight or twisted manner and in any length you desire.  Compartment Paks also work great as support legs or component parts in POP displays.


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Separate up to four varieties of your
product in this unique retail package.


Compartment Paks

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Compartment Pak Tubes Available Cap Styles
Approximate Size Clear Cap Tuff Pak Cap Anti-Roll Cap Hanger Cap
1-1/8"   X    
1-1/4" X X X X
1-3/8"   X    
1-1/2" X X X X
1-5/8"   X    
1-3/4" X X   X
2"* X X X X
* Note: 2" available in dual compartment only