Donation Containers / Fund Raising Cans

If your fund raising project is in need of donation containers, then you will love these clear plastic donation cans.

All donation containers are made from a durable clear plastic with a clear unbreakable vinyl bottom. The top plug contains two slots so that one can be used for holding a stand-up message card.

  • Removable lids allow for repeated use, lowering organization expenses
  • Tamper resistant/evident bands included with each unit to increase security
  • Unlike other permanently sealed containers which must be discarded after one use, these cans are reusable after each campaign
  • No sharp metal lids as is typical with paper or plastic donation cans
  • Containers are shipped clear without any printed graphics
  • For orders exceeding 500 units, printing services can be provided
  • "HELP Fight Muscular Dystrophy" is an example of our screen printing services
  • Sheets can be inserted into the tubes to display artwork or graphics, again supporting multiple use of the cans
  • Containers have a permanently sealed, highly durable, clear bottom
  • A clear container displays the collections, demonstrating compassion and prompting others to donate
  • Shipped fully assembled

In stock and ready to ship.




Donation Containers - In Stock
Size Part Number Inside Diameter Overall Length Usable Space Qty Per Box
2-3/4" 300138 2.815" 6.000" 5.500" 25
5" 661972 4.980" 8.000" 7.000" 15