Golf Ball Packages

VisiPak Golf Ball Tubes and boxes give your promotional campaign the additional impact it deserves. The crystal clear packages protect and display balls and tees and are easily printed with your logo or artwork.

The tubes feature one permanently sealed end and a plastic plug with a thumb tab for easy removal. Tubes and plugs ship together to save on shipping cost. Save even more money by inserting your own tees and balls.

Five standard styles are available and orders for more than one size can be combined to achieve better price breaks.

VisiPak also offers made to order golf ball boxes. Call 01622 693200 for more details.
plastic tube containers
 Product does not include golf balls or tees.
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Tube Specifications

Golf Ball Container Standard Sizes Available Cap Styles
Nominal Size Inside Dimension Outside Dimension Wall Overall Length Usable Length Pkg. Qty. Golf Ball Plug
2 Ball Container 1.750" 1.774" .012" 3.750" 3.375" 100 X
3 Ball Container 1.750" 1.774" .012" 5.500" 5.125" 100 X
1 Ball w/ tees Container 1.750" 1.774" .012" 4.375" 4.000" 100 X
2 Ball w/ tees Container 1.750" 1.774" .012" 6.125" 5.750" 100 X
3 Ball w/ tees Container 1.750" 1.774" .012" 7.875" 7.500" 100 X