Hang Tubes

Convenient, ready-to-hang tube packages are perfect for retail use, yet tough enough for industrial applications. This innovative design has a hanger tab built into the sealed end of the package. Only one cap or plug required! Available in lengths from 6” to 40”. You choose the length – we’ll produce it.

  • Hang Tubes can be made with or without a hole punch for hanging
  • Available in lengths from 6” to 40”
  • Round hanger hole available for all sizes
  • Butterfly hanger hole available for 1-1/4” through 2” sizes
  • Works well in conjunction with labels or inserts to create a dynamic package.


Various styles of caps and plugs are available for immediate shipment. Custom colors and materials can be made with minimal additional cost.


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plastic tube containers

Sealed ends are available with either
single or butterfly hole hangers.


Hang Tube Specifications

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Hang Tube Standard Sizes Available Cap Styles
Nominal Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Wall Poly Plug Clear Caps Tuff Pak Caps Anti-Roll Caps
1/2" .548" .572" .012" X X X X
3/4" .808" .832" .012" X X X X
1" 1.097" 1.121" .012" X X X X
1-1/4" 1.363" 1.387" .012" X X X X
1-1/2" 1.644" 1.668" .012" X X X X
1-3/4" 1.820" 1.844" .012" X X X  
2" 2.070" 2.094" .014" X X X