Industrial Design Ideas


One Pack Holds 49 Spark Plug Sizes

A leading spark plug manufacturer needed a single package that would accommodate 49 product sizes - and they needed the package quickly. Using stereo-lithography, VisiPak delivered a full-scale product sample in just three days. The package features two special caps designed to hold spark plugs perfectly centered in the tube, no matter what the diameter or length. One cap includes a unique set of plastic fins, allowing products of varying size to seat higher or lower as needed. The other cap includes a recess that secures the top to the spark plug. The customer is in the process of patenting the package.


Thermoformed Solution Cleans Up the Mess

A major automotive body assembly company was using a heavy, cumbersome, labor-intensive metal-form mask that required periodic cleaning due to over-spray build-up. The expensive out-sourced cleaning and down-time put a strain on the operations and the search for a remedy concluded with a custom designed thermoformed mask.  The light-weight thermoformed mask was tailored specifically to form-fit the application.  The economical and easy-to-use part is ideal for low-temperature masking applications and could be employed a few times and then discarded.  The inherent cost savings in labor reduction / handling is of great value to the company, as is the added value to the employee resulting from ease of use.


An Electrifying Package Presentation

A manufacturer of electrical parts, including small metal pieces, wires, etc., was storing these parts in boxes and polybags with header cards, or simply laying the many small items in to bulk bins. Originally, this was not a problem, but as their business grew this storage became extremely unsuitable. Parts fell out of the bins, items were damaged and presentation to their customers began to suffer. By switching to clear plastic tubes with poly plugs for closure, not only did they improve their packaging, they also improved their storing capabilities. More importantly, customers saw the upgraded appearance presented in the new clear plastic tube container.


The Simple Solution

Looking for a cost effective way to transfer these cylindrical parts from one part of a building to another, this metal manufacturer was able to utilize a basic shipping post which not only kept the parts organized, but also acted as a feeder tube for the assembly machine.


The Colour Is Not Just Purple

When a popular motorcycle manufacturer required color coordination for a promotional project, VisiPak found a solution. We placed the manufacturer’s t-shirts and other promotional items into a clear sealed bottom tube container, our three-inch diameter PermaSeal tube. To close and seal the tubes, we used Pull Tab Plugs in five different colors, meeting the color coordination requirement of the project.


Getting Out of a Sticky Situation

This magnet manufacturer was having problems because their customers were having a difficult time separating these high-powered magnets from each other during an assembly process. In order to keep the magnets from sticking to each other while being unpacked, VisiPak engineers designed a very thin internal washer that fit inside the tube to keep the magnets separated. This combined with a close tolerance tube allowed them to cost effectively ship the product to their customer who could then easily drop out one magnet at a time.