Thin Wall Permaseal Sealed Bottom Containers

As one of our most attractive retail packages, these plastic tube containers utilize a durable bottom that will not crack or split even under tremendous pressure or impact. In fact, they have the highest impact strength and impact absorption in the industry and are perfect for protecting delicate items or holding sharp, heavy objects. Made from PETG or PVC materials, Permaseals are the highest quality packaging tube containers on the market and our selection of sizes and wall thickness options is unmatched in the industry. Thin, medium, and heavy wall containers are available to satisfy any packaging requirement.

Choose from our stock sizes or let us customize the length to accommodate your needs.  Permaseal Sealed Bottom Containers are also available in Medium and Heavy wall thickness.


Various styles of caps and plugs are available for immediate shipment. Custom colors and materials can be made with minimal additional cost.

Made to Order Tubes

  • Specify Length
  • Low Minimums
  • Cost Effective

Stock Tubes

  • Ready to Ship
  • Economical
  • Easy to Cut
  • Many Popular Lengths

plastic tube containers

Flexible PermaSeal bottom
will not break or pop out.
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Thin Wall Permaseals

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Round Tubes - Thin Wall Available Cap Styles
Nominal Size Inside Dimension Outside Dimension Wall Poly Plugs Clear Caps Hanger Plugs Pull-Tab Plugs Tuff Pak Caps Hanger Caps Anti-Roll Caps EZ-On Caps
5/8" .718" .742" .012" X       X X X  
3/4" .814" .838" .012" X X X   X   X  
7/8" .952" .976" .012" X       X   X  
1" 1.107" 1.131" .012" X X X   X X X  
1-1/4" 1.375" 1.399" .012" X X X   X X X  
1-1/2" 1.656" 1.680" .012" X X X   X X X X
1-3/4" 1.832" 1.860" .014" X X     X      
1-7/8" 1.930" 1.964" .017"   X     X      
2" 2.082" 2.110" .014" X X X   X X   X
2-1/4" 2.332" 2.360" .014" X X     X      
2-1/2" 2.582" 2.610" .014" X X X   X X   X
2-3/4" 2.823" 2.855" .016" X X     X      
3" 3.099" 3.135" .018" X X X   X X    
3-1/2" 3.580" 3.620" .020" X X     X      
4" 3.995" 4.039" .022"   X   X X      
5" 4.980" 5.030" .025"   X   X X