Retail Design Ideas


No More Rip Offs

A customer packaged their product for display in retail stores using bags. Problems occurred in the store when bags ripped, often causing damage to the product inside. Replacing damaged items created more problems and ran up costs. VisiPak provided a clear solution that offered a more durable package that protects the contents while, also, gaining the additional benefit of visibility of the product. A clear PermaSeal tube, with one permanently sealed bottom, was the clear choice. After adding a hanger cap, the new package gave retailers flexibility to either hang it on a wall or sit it on a shelf.


Display and Project

When Castle Bay was looking for a package for its new-to-the-world golf iron covers, the designers knew a package was needed that would allow customers to see the product.  However, it was also important that customers be able to touch the product and that the package stood out on the golf accessory merchandising wall dominated by items packed in cheap blister packs.  To accomplish these goals, VisiPak designed an aesthetically pleasing contoured clamshell with a small hole in the back that allowed customers to feel the unique material.  Along with its complementary 4-color card insert, the new package truly stood out on the store shelves and improved sell thru rates.


Eye-Appealing P.O.P. Theme Package

To meet a customer's need for a creative P.O.P. theme package, VisiPak custom designed a dip-molded lid shaped just like a baby bottle top. The innovative lid is fitted onto see-through stock tubing. The kit contains baby care items and makes an eye-appealing gift for baby showers. VisiPak designers added a coin slot in the bottle top to permit secondary use as a bank. Using dip molding rather than blow molding saved the customer more than $20,000 in tooling costs.

Protective and Functional

Having trouble with the durability of its shrink-wrapped packaging, this label maker turned to VisiPak for a solution. Not only did we come up with a cost effective alternative to their damage problem, but by adding a slot to the tube, we were also able to transform their protective package into a functional dispenser.

Increased Shelf Presence

While happy with the performance of their packaging tube, this wallpaper producer needed to find a way to enhance the appearance of their package and incorporate a hanging feature. By utilizing a folded card design, VisiPak designers were able to achieve a package that not only drew more attention to the product, but also allowed it to be merchandised on a peg hook.

Candy with a Twist

Looking for a creative twist to package candy, this Jelly Bean marketer utilized one of our Twist Tube Compartment Paks to achieve a dynamic looking holiday package.