Economical Custom Clamshell (Eco-Shell™)

Clear Clamshell packaging is an economical choice and now you can get the best of both worlds.  Don’t let your packaging project stall as you prepare to make a choice between a stock clamshell and a custom clamshell. The stock clamshell just won’t reveal the feature you need and the custom package is time-consuming and beyond your budget. You want something unique, but what do you do? You call VisiPak and learn about our Eco-Shell™ solution. Using existing tooling, we can modify the mold by inserting another tool, at low cost. Presto, you have exactly the package you need, at a cost well below custom tooling.

If low-cost tooling and design flexibility does not compel you to explore the Eco-Shell™ clamshell packaging options, consider how clamshell packaging displays the most precise details of your product all the while protecting it from the environment and theft on store shelves.

  • With an in-house design team and a number of material options, VisiPak’s clamshells offer greater design flexibility
  • Clamshells nesting feature decreases your shipping and storage costs
  • Minimum order quantity approximately 6,500 pieces
  • Approximate tooling cost with prototype is $1,500
  • Prototype lead lime is 10 days
  • Production lead lime is four weeks after approval of the prototype
  • Subsequent orders will be produced with a four week lead time

Material Thickness
Clamshells are available in material thicknesses ranging from .007 inches to .047 inches. 

PVC, PET and PETG are the most commonly used materials.  Other materials available upon request.

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